Get to know me more

Chriselle M. Soriano

A future Biologist and Internalist

A Girl of seventeen summers

A Christian

A Proud Filipino


  • Im fat and I never admit it to myself 
  • Fast to fall in love swear! 
  • I love Kamiseta’s air freshener 
  • Half musician Half dancer haha kidding 
  • I love Candy magazines
  •  I draw dresses Love fashion, but I don’t want to try 
  • Im a lesbian when it comes to Vanessa Hudgens and some pretty chicks! ;P
  • I’m super crazy in love with my political science professor 
  • single. semi NBSB ask me :D 
  • Burger is what I am looking for 
  • I’m weird when I eat burgers. Eat with me sometimes 
  • I <3 MCDO period 
  • I always love ME-Time 
  • When I’m depress, Milk tea is what Iam craving for
  • In love with praise and worship! 
  • Small
  • Lazy 
  • Ambitious 
  • Day dreamer :DD
  • iyakin. well, accdg to them 
  • Family and God 1st :P 
  • I have BFF and I <3 her so much :D 
  • Afraid of darkness and death 

I am proud to say that I can communicate well, and I can connect with other people easily. Ideas just flow from my mind. I tend to be pretty tightly wound. It’s easy for me to get excited… which can be a good or bad thing though. I have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. At times, I can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, I pull it all together baby. Well rounded, with a complete perspective on life. Solid and dependable. Light hearted and accepting. I don’t get worked up easily. Well adjusted and incredibly HAPPY. Thank you very much for taking up your time visiting my blog. Don’t forget to message me, okay? :) God Bless You!